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Lazy Days of Summer Giveaway Hop: And the winner is…

The entries have been sorted and the results randomized for the Lazy Days of Summer Giveaway Hop, and the winner is:



I am on vacation this week, but when I return on Tuesday, I will get the signed bookmark in the mail, but look for an email from me before then so I can get the mailing particulars and find out what sort of eBook copy you want.

Thanks to all who entered and special thanks to I am a Reader not a Writer and Colorimetry for co-sponsoring this blog hop.

Lazy Days of Summer Giveaway Hop #CalloftheSea #PNR #giveaway

Welcome to my stop on the Lazy Days of Summer Giveaway Hop. As a HUGE fan of summer, I have been really looking forward to this hop and the chance to check out some of the fabulous reads available for beach reading this year.

For my part of the Hop giveaways, I will be offering an eBook copy (pdf, mobi or epub) of my debut novel, Call of the Sea, as well as an autographed bookmark.

Wondering what it’s all about? You can learn more about the novel and read some reviews on Goodreads, or just scroll down a bit and read the info from the back of the book.

Back of the Book:  Elysandra Winters has always yearned for a life of adventure on the rolling seas and is willing to do whatever it takes to fulfill her dream. When her Privateer father continually refuses to allow his only daughter to sail, Ellie defies him, disguises herself as a boy, and goes in search of a captain who will give her a chance to prove her worth.

Thanks to the cursed selkie blood coursing through his veins, Daniel O’Rourke needs the sea to survive. After giving up on his humanity and spending three years in seal form, he decides to give his human side another chance. Daniel goes in search of a job and a sense of normalcy, earning himself a position aboard Captain Winter’s ship, The Siren’s Call. However, his new captain’s first assignment has nothing at all to do with sailing, and everything to do with his headstrong young daughter.

Years later, when the leader of a band of bloodthirsty pirates murders Captain Winters, Daniel and Elysandra’s lives come crashing back together with the force of a hurricane. Both experts in deception, they must find a way to trust each other in order to quell the raging storm between them or have any hope of hunting down the captain’s killer.

All you need to do to Enter to Win is to follow this blog (if you don’t already). Yup, that’s it. No rafflecopter widgets and hoops to jump through. Just follow and you’re entered in the giveaway.

 Simple, right?That’s not to say that comments aren’t welcome, they certainly are welcomed and encouraged.

Well, then what are you waiting for? Get on it, people!

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Thanks again and Happy Reading!

Since this book has finally come out — and I liked it so much, it needs a reblog. 🙂 Way to go, Julie — the reviews are amazing so far!

The Machenwood Chronicles and Other Tales

Crux by Julie Reece

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I absolutely loved this book.

Okay, I should preface what is to come with the disclaimer that I read this as a BETA before it was submitted for publication and loved it then, so I took little risk in reading the final version. I already knew it was a kick-ass read. My opinion has not changed.

Crux is an YA Urban Fantasy (romance) featuring a down, but not out homeless girl, Rebecca Orin–who everyone calls Birdie. She’s got spunk, sarcasm, and street sense. The kind of female lead I just love to get behind. After a very strange day that finds Birdie coming into some cash, and more attention than she could ever want, she learns there may just be something special about her and her bloodline.

I’m not one to put spoilers in a review, so I wont go…

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Six Sentence Sunday: She’s Baaack :P #sixsunday #CalloftheSea

Yes, that’s right. I have returned after a rather lengthy hiatus from the fun and frolic of Six Sentence Sunday. With the release of my debut novel, Call of the Sea on June 21st, things have been beyond hectic over the past month. (In a good way).

Now that I am back on track, as it were, I thought it best to get back into the swing of things.

This week’s six sentences are brought to you by my month long distraction, CALL OF THE SEA, available from Inkspell Publishing, as well as most major online retailers (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, KOBO, All Romance eBooks, The Book Depository).

Since Daniel seems to be a favorite character of most who’ve read the book so far, I thought I would give him the spotlight for today’s tease. 🙂

The columned mansion sat at the top of a hill overlooking the infamous gates of Gibraltar. If it weren’t for the seriousness of the situation, Daniel would have enjoyed the breathtaking view of the narrow gateway into the Mediterranean Sea.

“Just remember why we’re here. Stay sharp, lad.”

Daniel wiggled his fingers, as if he could release all of his pent up apprehension through their tips. “Aye, Captain.”

Thanks for stopping in for a visit. I’ve missed you all 🙂

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Could You Give Up Your Independence For Love? Guest Post by Julie Belfield (@Jabelfield) #blogtour #Eternal

In celebration of Independence Day here in America, I thought it would be sorta fun to lasso UK native author, Julie Belfield for a guest post on the basic theme of Independence. Ms. Belfield, always a good sport, readily agreed to stop in and share her thoughts on independence as it relates to her upcoming release, Eternal.

Without further ado and delays, I present you with Ms. Julie Belfield.


Well, could you?

How about if that loss of independence was what kept you safe?

I’m talking about paranormal romance, of course.

I mean, a human woman meets a supernatural dude and suddenly finds herself thrust into a world where she’s seriously weaker than most she encounters … it would a dangerous situation to find yourself in.


And if said supernatural dude is worth his salt, he’d do his damnedest to keep you safe.


But just how much of the reins would you be willing to hand over to him when it came to protection? To lay that amount of your trust in one person would undoubtedly strip away a little of your independence, right?

But what if that was your best chance of staying alive?

What if that was the only way you could stay with the one you love?

It wouldn’t have to mean flinging yourself into his arms like a damsel in distress at every sign of danger. It wouldn’t have to mean being locked in a padded cell to avoid all possible self-damaging situations. Nor would it mean never seeing the light of day again, or being denied the right to pick up heavy boxes, or being refused time in the kitchen lest you break a nail, or answering the front door should somebody call, or getting to go shopping and spending quality time with friends or family …

However … just supposing you’d become the only female, living within pack of male werewolves who would go to the ends of the earth to protect you like the prized gem you are?

Meet Jem Stonehouse. I’ve just described her life. Yet, somehow, she’s still happy.

Could you be?

Or would living by rules you didn’t get to make drive you nuts?

Happy (belated) Independence Day to all the American folks, by the way.


Makes you want to add the book to your Goodreads TBR pile right this second, doesn’t it? Well, what are you waiting for? Here’s the LINK — DO EET!

Thanks for visiting with us, Julie, and much success with the new novel in the Holloway Pack series.

You can learn more about Julie Belfield, and her fabulous books on her website.

Win a Signed Copy of Call of the Sea on #Goodreads #callofthesea #PNR

As a way to show my gratitude to everyone for the wonderful response to the release of my debut novel, Call of the Sea, for the next month, (anytime before July 29, 2012) you have the chance to enter to win a singed print copy on Goodreads website.

Here’s the giveaway LINK

Open to US , Canada and UK residents. 🙂