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Tuesday Task Tally: This time I have a good excuse. #tuesdaytask

You might think that being this is Wednesday, I may have once more forgotten my Tuesday Task Tally. I swear, I did not. I was actually in Boston enjoying the sights with my family yesterday, and was having too much fun to break free to post on the blog. But, I am here now.

To begin, I will do as I am supposed to, and give a run down of my writerly tasks this week. The neat part, is I really only had one big task this past week. My cover reveal (on 2/20) — which went swimmingly well.

On that note, I would like to extend some special thanks to the following bloggers for helping me get the word out about my novel. You should definitely check out and follow these blogs if you don’t already.

Rocking Bloggers/Writers:
Amaleen Ison
Julie Belfield
Julie Reece
Jocelyn Adams
Kelly Said
Anna Simpson
Lydia Sharp (post to come 2/24)

I am still “working” on a short story I started for the J. Taylor Publishing “Make Believe” anthology. Getting closer to the deadline on this one, so I really should get it in gear.

Stop by later for a fun post about my family’s adventures in Boston this week.

Tuesday Task Tally: Hey, It’s Tuesday (and I remembered) #tuesdaytask


I have actually had a relatively calm week this time around. I have really rocked through most of my publisher’s requirements at this point and have found I actually have had some time to get other things done, like catching up on critiques for fellow authors, some reading, and a new story.

Here is this week’s task list and progress:

Tasks assigned by my publisher:

1. Finish editing rounds of Call of the Sea – DONE – final copy has been sent on to my editors. I guess this means the novel is done – like really, actually finished. Squee!

2. Write a blog post for the publishers blog. – IN PROGRESS – Ideally I would like to finish one of these each week. So far though, I have only sent one in.

Tasks I assigned myself:

1. Contact Book bloggers and reviewers to try and set up some guest posts, interviews and other promotions for Call of the Sea – IN PROGRESS –  I have managed to set up one Author Spotlight and am working on more.

2. Finish up with the coordination of the cover reveal on Feb. 20th. – DONE (basically). I’ve set up all my bloggers and author friends with the image and blog postings have been scheduled and advertised. (weee!)

3. Write, write, write – IN PROGRESS – Need to get the first draft down for Destiny’s Trial (WT) for the J. Taylor “Make Believe” anthology.

4. Catch up on reading and reviews. – IN PROGRESS – The review blog over at Bex Book Nook has been slightly neglected and I am hoping to correct that little issue.

5. Play with Flash and make a Book Trailer for Call of the Sea – STILL CONSIDERING – Not sure if I want to eat up more time doing this one. As much as I love playing with graphics, I think this one may be more of a time eating distraction than I need at the moment.

6. Go see STOMP at the Palace Theater with the bo-hunk and my daughters on Saturday night – WAITING – Okay, this one is absolutely not writing related, but I’m super excited about it all the same.

I think that’s all the big stuff I have going on this week. What about you? What sorts of things are on your task list this week?

Tuesday Task Tally: Look Who Doesn’t Remember What day It Is?

As you can see, I have already managed to mess up my goal of tracking my tasks as the weeks go by on the road to the release of my debut novel, CALL OF THE SEA. I just realized while driving into the office this morning it was Friday and I had not posted my Tuesday update.

For those of you who had been anxiously awaiting it and whose lives I have ruined by my lack of planning, I offer heartfelt apologies.

Without further ado, here was Tuesday’s list of tasks.

Tasks Assigned By My Publisher:

1. Finish final edit rounds with editor, Melissa Keir. – Done

2. Touch base with publicist RE: Cover Reveal event on 2/20 – Done

3. Write Acknowledgements Page and Dedication for novel – Done – Submitted for review and finalized.

4. Goodreads – Stop by Group Discussions and Interact – In Progress (not sure this one ever gets checked as done)

Tasks I Assigned to Myself This Week:

1. Catch up on Scribophile crit lists and pay back those who helped me when I was pressing to get CotS polished. – Almost there/slowly catching up

2. Marketing efforts for fellow Inkspell authors – Support publisher run events and marketing efforts. – In Progress and Ongoing

3. Hook up with other authors and bloggers to share in reveal of cover on 2/20. Coordinate postings. – Done

4. Write the middle section of the new short story I’m working on. – Barely started. This is the weekend plan.

5. Post on Task Tally on Tuesday, not Friday (working on it 😛 – maybe next week I will get this one right.)

So that is it from this end. What did you work on this week?

Tuesday Task Tally #1: Where did the week go? #tuesdaytally

As I promised last week, come hell or high water, and regardless of what a slacker I may look like by sharing this information, this is the Tuesday Task Tally post #1. The plan is to track my little tasks and progress as I work with my publisher, Inkspell Publishing to debut Call of the Sea.

Tasks Assigned by Inkspell (so far):
1. Write the book blurb for Call of the Sea – DONE (sent to editor for review)
2. Get in touch with designer regarding cover art – finalize artwork – DONE – (Cover reveal 2/20/2012)
3. Blog post for Inkspell’s blog (should do semi regularly) –DONE –  sent for review
4. First run edits on the manuscript need to be sent to my editor.
5. Bookmarks and swag discussions. Logline for bookmarks need to be sent to editor and designer – DONE (cant wait to see these)
6. Free read for the Inkspell website (promotion materials) – DONE – Sent to editor for first run editing
7. Stay up to date on publisher website group posts and join their Goodreads group. – DONE
8. Publicist introductions and beginning of promotions brainstorming. – DONE – Intro email sent. Getting started on Cover reveal schedule.

Tasks I’ve Assigned Myself
1. Write a new short story for the Make Believe anthology (J. Taylor Publishing) – IN PROGRESS (1.5k words in — 5-10k goal)
2. Critiques due for other authors on Scribophile. – WAY BEHIND –  major slacker!
3. Set up cover reveal blog posts with other author and book sites. – In Progress – still coordinating with bloggers/authors
4. Contact local book store to see about having them stock the book on their shelves – Not started
5. Contact Barnes and Noble regarding books by local authors in their store. – Not started

So looking at the above, I am ahead of schedule on some things, and behind on a few others. Will have to see what new tasks are added in this week, but I think right now the priority is getting the first round of editing done and sent to my editor, so I can work some creativity into the short story I’ve put on my plate.

If you are a published author, debut or otherwise, how do you keep yourself organized? Do you have suggestions for things to be addressed that maybe I don’t even have on my list? Very curious to see if others experiences are similar.

Caught in the Middle of a Million Tasks: The Start of a New Feature

Generally speaking, I tend to be a rather organized person. Sure, I may be what some call a slob, but I know where everything is and each item and task has a place in my world. At least, that is what I used to think.

In the short time since I announced I had signed with Inkspell to publish Call of the Sea and now, I have learned just how unorganized and unprepared  I really am most of the time.

I am sure some of this has to do with my not having a clue what is involved in the release of a novel. There are, of course, the expected items, like having to do editing rounds until the story is just right, but there is so much more involved than I ever would have expected, and all of it is soooooooo exciting. (enough o’s ya think?)

Despite my recent lack of postings aside from the regular weekly Six Sentence Sunday excerpts, I will do my level best to keep the blog, and by extension, all of you, informed of updates and happenings as they occur.

The way I figure it, if by sharing my experiences on the road to publishing a debut novel I can help just one other author know what to expect, or know how to avoid a specific pitfall, than the journey and the effort to document it all is well worth it.

So to that end, I am going to start posting updates of my experiences in what I am calling Tuesday Task Tally – Every Tuesday I will update the blog with what has happened with me and the publishing of my novel.

Maybe by keeping tabs here publicly, you all will kick me in the arse when I fall off track, and if you don’t, at the very least I will have a journal of the things I am supposed to be getting done as the weeks between now and launch day tick by.