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Thursday Humor

Came across this one today and just had to share. Happy Thursday!

Monday Morning Check-In

I have decided to start to track my writing progress and journey toward publication in a series of these weekly posts. My thought is that by documenting my journey, I will not only remain organized, another writer may learn from it, and maybe avoid some of the pitfalls I am bound to come across. (I am intimately acquainted with Mr Murphy, so this is not outside the realm of possibility) I will try to share the ups and the downs, as well as share any information I come across that I feel might be useful to anyone following this blog.

This week’s To DO List:

1. Complete the 1st draft of Pirate and Selkie short story.
While I think at this point I probably have enough story here to fill a novel length work, I am reluctant to do so since I specifically started the short to submit for an upcoming publication. Do I hold it and work it into a novel, knowing I still have Machenwood on my plate, and last years NANO novel to complete?
2. Clear my critique list on Scribophile.
I am in fairly good shape on this one, as I only have about five in my list to get to this week.
3. Pray I hear back on my submission to Boulevard magazine.
I sent them my Parades flash piece about two months ago, and I anxious to hear back one way or another so I can at least look at other potential publishing avenues for this story.
4. Continue  social networking efforts.
I have managed to set up a website, goodreads account, a twitter account and managed (I think) to tie all those pieces together and link them all to facebook as well. If I have taken one lesson from the various sites and blogs I follow, it is that you have to get your name out there. There needs to be a place for people to find you in the web world to really make a go of this sort of career. Self promotion and marketing are as key as writing a piece of classic fiction.

Not a bad list for one week, I guess. Let’s see if my full time job and lovely daughters decide to work with me this week. Oh, and if you see Mr Murphy, don’t tell him where I am.

Three Great Authors Signed – J. Taylor Publishing – Congrats Ladies!

I enjoying sharing good news.

Especially when the good news happens to writers that I am “close” to. Not in locational proximity, but the three authors debuting with J. Taylor publishing per this most recent blog post: are all part of my favorite critique circle and people I consider friends, at the very least, colleagues.

Please join me in offering congratulations to Aimee Laine, JA Belfield and Jocelyn Adams.  Way to go ladies — I am so proud and happy for each of you. It is well deserved and about time, too.

Can’t wait to pick up copies of the books when they are out in print or e-book.

I have links to each of their websites on My Favorite Authors page on my website, or there are links to each on the blog posted at the link above.

March: In Like a Lion

Or so the saying goes.  Welp, the Good News Train is marching through my life this March.

First, my cousin Gary John Mercer, just returned from a tour in Afghanistan safe and sound, and that is cause for celelbration in its own right.

From a writer perspective, I have had two fantastic things happen this month.

The first of those is learning that a short story I wrote has been accepted for inclusion in an anthology to be published this year. I had been somewhat relucatant to post about it on my blog (and used a pen name) as the story genre is erotic horror. NOT for everyone–certainly not my kids. Even the cover is too racy for PG rated audiences.  For those that do enjoy that sort of story — and of course it was damned good–there is a link on the right side of my blog under publications to the website where it will be available for purchase once it is complete.

The anthology also features offerings from two of the ladies in my favorite critique group. (Stella Berkley and Lila Shaw) Check them out.

The other bit of good news, I just got this evening.  A short story I wrote placed 2nd in a contest with about fifty entries. *BIG SMILES* Very excited about that. The honor came with a small monetary prize, which is an added bonus.

I’m still trying to decide if I want to post it here or on my website or hold onto it and see if I can submit it to a magazine or something of that nature. I know one thing for sure.  The future is looking bright these days.

It must be spring!

I’ve been Twitterpated :P

Okay, not really. But I did manage to create a twitter account for myself and register a website and domain as well. The page is empty at the moment, but over the next few days should be up and running at

Stop by and say hello or follow me on twitter
@rebelhart69 (I think that is how they look…I am still learning)

I Could See This Conversation Happening At My House.

Just a little Thursday humor. This was sent to me by a co-worker who knows my daughter, Shelby. This is something I could TOTALLY see her asking me.

Enjoy 🙂