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Tuesday Task Tally #1: Where did the week go? #tuesdaytally

As I promised last week, come hell or high water, and regardless of what a slacker I may look like by sharing this information, this is the Tuesday Task Tally post #1. The plan is to track my little tasks and progress as I work with my publisher, Inkspell Publishing to debut Call of the Sea.

Tasks Assigned by Inkspell (so far):
1. Write the book blurb for Call of the Sea – DONE (sent to editor for review)
2. Get in touch with designer regarding cover art – finalize artwork – DONE – (Cover reveal 2/20/2012)
3. Blog post for Inkspell’s blog (should do semi regularly) –DONE –  sent for review
4. First run edits on the manuscript need to be sent to my editor.
5. Bookmarks and swag discussions. Logline for bookmarks need to be sent to editor and designer – DONE (cant wait to see these)
6. Free read for the Inkspell website (promotion materials) – DONE – Sent to editor for first run editing
7. Stay up to date on publisher website group posts and join their Goodreads group. – DONE
8. Publicist introductions and beginning of promotions brainstorming. – DONE – Intro email sent. Getting started on Cover reveal schedule.

Tasks I’ve Assigned Myself
1. Write a new short story for the Make Believe anthology (J. Taylor Publishing) – IN PROGRESS (1.5k words in — 5-10k goal)
2. Critiques due for other authors on Scribophile. – WAY BEHIND –  major slacker!
3. Set up cover reveal blog posts with other author and book sites. – In Progress – still coordinating with bloggers/authors
4. Contact local book store to see about having them stock the book on their shelves – Not started
5. Contact Barnes and Noble regarding books by local authors in their store. – Not started

So looking at the above, I am ahead of schedule on some things, and behind on a few others. Will have to see what new tasks are added in this week, but I think right now the priority is getting the first round of editing done and sent to my editor, so I can work some creativity into the short story I’ve put on my plate.

If you are a published author, debut or otherwise, how do you keep yourself organized? Do you have suggestions for things to be addressed that maybe I don’t even have on my list? Very curious to see if others experiences are similar.

Six Sentence Sunday: Things that go bump in the night #sixsunday

I’m completely amazed by how much has changed for me in the short time since I announced my debut novel, Call of the Sea would be published. So much so, I wasn’t able to get any new writing done on the short story I posted a snipit of last week. So this week, I am flopping back to a scene from Call of the Sea, set to debut from Inkspell Publishing on June 21, 2012.

Without further ado…

A shuffle in the darkness drew him[Daniel] upright. “Who’s there?” The hairs on the back of his neck stood on end as he squinted into the pitch. The faint beam of moonlight streaming in the tiny window by the table did little to aid his cause. Daniel stared into the dark as he fumbled to light the lamp.

With only one way in or out, whatever lurked in the shadows would have to go through him to escape.

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Caught in the Middle of a Million Tasks: The Start of a New Feature

Generally speaking, I tend to be a rather organized person. Sure, I may be what some call a slob, but I know where everything is and each item and task has a place in my world. At least, that is what I used to think.

In the short time since I announced I had signed with Inkspell to publish Call of the Sea and now, I have learned just how unorganized and unprepared  I really am most of the time.

I am sure some of this has to do with my not having a clue what is involved in the release of a novel. There are, of course, the expected items, like having to do editing rounds until the story is just right, but there is so much more involved than I ever would have expected, and all of it is soooooooo exciting. (enough o’s ya think?)

Despite my recent lack of postings aside from the regular weekly Six Sentence Sunday excerpts, I will do my level best to keep the blog, and by extension, all of you, informed of updates and happenings as they occur.

The way I figure it, if by sharing my experiences on the road to publishing a debut novel I can help just one other author know what to expect, or know how to avoid a specific pitfall, than the journey and the effort to document it all is well worth it.

So to that end, I am going to start posting updates of my experiences in what I am calling Tuesday Task Tally – Every Tuesday I will update the blog with what has happened with me and the publishing of my novel.

Maybe by keeping tabs here publicly, you all will kick me in the arse when I fall off track, and if you don’t, at the very least I will have a journal of the things I am supposed to be getting done as the weeks between now and launch day tick by.

Six Sentence Sunday: Cinu-what? From a WIP #sixsunday

I’ve been working on and off for the past week on a new short I hope to have ready to sub for the recent anthology titled MAKE BELIEVE (published by J. Taylor Publishing. For this week’s six, I decided to switch gears and give you all a taste. Thoughts and opinions always welcome.

Enjoy and Happy Sunday!

She[Jyslin] had slept little, thoughts centered on her impending Cinuint. Despite years of preparation and training, Jyslin really had no idea what to expect from the journey. She knew what was supposed to happen, what she’d been told to expect, but each Etherian’s destiny was different, making their Cinuint a completely unique experience.

Jyslin lifted the cup, blew a stream of cooling breath on the liquid and dared a small sip. Sweetened heat trickled down her throat. Her muscles relaxed in slow degrees.

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Six Sentence Sunday: The Call of the Sea #sixsunday

In honor of my recent contract signing with Inkspell Publishing, this week’s six sentence sample comes from my debut novel, a Paranormal Romance titled, The Call of the Sea. (Man, I just love saying that.)

Your comments are always welcome.

Surely, Jashir would come for her soon. She [Ellie] wrung her hands and stared a hole in the closed portal.

A deafening explosion rocked the hull, throwing Ellie backwards and scattering her thoughts to the wind. She landed on her rump with a thud. Pain shot through her ankle where the chain anchored her.

What the devil was that?

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Happy Sunday!

Time for a Big Fat Squee!: I’ve signed a contract to publish Call of the Sea!

Inkspell Banner

I am so elated to be able to finally announce I have signed a contract to publish my debut novel. My fantasy romance, The Call of the Sea will be published by Inkspell Publishing with a tentative release date of June 2012.

Inkspell is a fledgling publisher, having launched in January of this year, but I am really hoping for good things.

The ink is barely dry on the contract, so I don’t have a ton of information yet, but after having to remain hush-hush about everything for a while now, it feels damned good to be able to shout it from the roof tops.

So,  SQUEE!!

Wish me luck 😛

Welcome 2012: Please Be Kind

The close of 2011 brings with it, the end of my first solid year of serious writing. It was a year that brought many firsts with it. Things like my first acceptance, my first publication — in both print and e-book — my first contest placement (2nd), which came with my first payment for a story.

Looking back, a lot more happened than I think I have realized before this moment. It was a ton of hard work and dedication to the actual writing process, but in return I’ve received validation, I’ve learned the ropes with respect to social media,  and actually managed to complete and start querying my first novel. Of course, this also led to more firsts, like my first real novel query letter, my first partial request, my first attempt at a synopsis, and my first rejection from an agent.

2011 also brought a great deal of good fortune to other writers I would call friends, despite our logistical distance from each other. Three launched debut novels this year, with another two to debut their novels this year. I know this is a cheesy line, but the honest truth is, their successes are my successes. I watched them strive toward their goals, sweat and worried alongside them, beta read for some, critiqued others, and in general just tried to support their efforts the same way I know they would mine when I get to their position.

Overall, just a stellar year to be writing.

As I embark on the beginning of 2012, I can only think of one thing to say to greet this new and hopefully exciting year.


Six Sentence Sunday: Just a Few Wedding Day Jitters #sixsunday

Welcome back to another Six Sentence Sunday.  Since I am still in the process of querying The Call of the Sea, I decided to stick with the tale for another weekly posting. This week we get a peak at Daniel as he prepares to wed Ellie.

Daniel stood beside the vicar with Nelson and tried to keep his breathing slow and even. He watched the door to the captain’s quarters so intently his eyes watered. His weight shifted left to right as he adjusted his cravat for the third time in the past minute. What if she changes her mind?

“Would you relax,” Nelson whispered, poking Daniel in the rib with an bony elbow. “Your fidgeting is making me nervous.”

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Six Sentence Sunday: The Call of the Sea (querying) #sixsunday


For my first Six Sentence Sunday of the new year, I thought I would forget the whole “in with the new” thing and go with the tried and true — meaning this week’s six sentences also comes from my recently completed novel, The Call of the Sea.

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Ellie let loose a strangled cry. Her eyes caught on his pistol, still unfired in his [Nelson’s] quivering hand. A fireball of rage burst to life in her stomach. Blind to everything but the weapon a few inches away, Ellie lunged. Tears slid down her cheeks as she whipped the gun up, aimed at Jashir’s heart, and pulled the trigger.

Jashir’s eyes widened in surprise.

Good ole Ellie, always in some sort of trouble.   🙂

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