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Cover Reveal: Silent Echoes by Aimee Laine (@aimeelaine) #coverreveal #PNR

As an author and as a reader, I have always been a huge fan of cover reveals. Nothing gets me jazzed about an upcoming release more than the cover reveal.

Today I have the new cover for my fellow Sisterhood member, Aimee Laine and her new release in the Games of Zeus series, Silent Echoes.

Silent Echoes
Games of Zeus #2
by Aimee Laine
Release Date: March 11, 2013
Target Reader: Adult
Keywords: Paranormal Romance, Romance,

Back of the Book

For years, Ian Sands has enjoyed his life as a bachelor, taking advantage of singlehood and exploring his own definition of passion—whoever she may be. Blonde. Brunette. Tall. Short. Hot. Not. Five months ago, all that changed.

Ian’s been celibate, frustrated and desperately seeking answers to why one woman, who doesn’t play by girls’ rules, haunts his every waking moment.

As a renovations specialist, Taylor Marsh lives, works and breathes construction—a profession her southern belle of a mother would rather Taylor not touch. The same goes for Ian; Mama Marsh would never approve of him.

Like Ian, though, each time he and Taylor draw near, something compels her to get closer.

Something else tells her to run away.


As much as their histories suggest they shouldn’t be together, neither Taylor nor Ian can deny the pull, and the two succumb, indulging in a relationship that brings pleasure to body, mind and soul.

Doing so, though, also ushers in a series of events both should have foreseen as well as one final outcome neither expected.


Other Books in this series include:
Hide & Seek

Personally, I really enjoyed the first book in this series, and am anxious to have a peek at the next. The cover only adds to my interest. I am especially curious as to the significance of the haunted look to the house and the noose hanging from the eaves… quite curious!

What do you think about the cover? Does it fit the book description? Looking forward to hearing what some of you think.

Book Review: Little White Lies by Aimee Laine

Little White Lies (Mimics of Rune, #1)Little White Lies by Aimee Laine

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I took this one with me to Cape Cod this month and have to say that I wasn’t disappointed. I found the writer’s style easy to read and the characters three dimensional and endearing.

I have to admit, I did have some trouble in the early going — I had trouble following what was happening from a backstory perspective. I felt for the first quarter of the book that I had missed something or that sunstroke had attacked me on the beach and that was why I wasn’t following the plot. I think some of the secrets in the book were a little more vague than I would have preferred. Coupled with not understanding the mechanics of what living as a mimic is like, well, I felt a little lost.

The author’s voice and the personality of the characters I was introduced to is what kept me reading. By the time I hit the halfway point in the book, I was hooked. Charley is spunky and sweet, while Wyatt is just perfectly dreamy 😛 (dating myself with that reference). The secondary characters really fill the plot out nicely.

When we get to it, the romance isn’t corny, but feels genuine, and I found myself rooting for love in a way a cynic like me hasn’t for some time. The covert operations kept me reading and turning the page, and while I had an idea who the bad guy was earlier in the story, I didn’t quite have the full story. The surprises were a nice bonus.

An enjoyable summer read.

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Three Great Authors Signed – J. Taylor Publishing – Congrats Ladies!

I enjoying sharing good news.

Especially when the good news happens to writers that I am “close” to. Not in locational proximity, but the three authors debuting with J. Taylor publishing per this most recent blog post: are all part of my favorite critique circle and people I consider friends, at the very least, colleagues.

Please join me in offering congratulations to Aimee Laine, JA Belfield and Jocelyn Adams.  Way to go ladies — I am so proud and happy for each of you. It is well deserved and about time, too.

Can’t wait to pick up copies of the books when they are out in print or e-book.

I have links to each of their websites on My Favorite Authors page on my website, or there are links to each on the blog posted at the link above.