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Memorial Day Weekend – More Camping!!

Heading out tomorrow (after a half day of working) for a relaxing, fun-filled weekend of camping with the family.  I should have some great pics and stories to share when I get back.  With the girls coming along, it will be impossible not to.

We aren’t taking a long trip this weekend, just an hour away to a campsite where one of my best friends has a seasonal site.  Thank goodness, as I don’t think I can do another 12 hours in the car. 😛

I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  Be safe and I will see you on Tuesday!

Miss Bucket Butt

Just thought I would share another picture from our prospecting adventure this past weekend.  I call this Miss Bucket Butt.  If anyone asked me what my daughter, Shelby, is like I can just hand them this picture. 

I’ve also provided a nice one I like to call – Camp Monkey (also courtesy of Miss Shelby). 
I think I could fill a book with her adventures, maybe I should give it a try. *ponders*
Enjoy. 🙂

The 49ers Still Exist

So I went gold mining this weekend…

That’s right, I said gold mining – as in prospecting, panning for gold.

My boyfriend is retired now and this is the hobby he has picked up to keep himself busy, and he is really loving it.  So being the supportive girlfriend I am, I said I would go with him (and take the kids) to a weekend outing he was planning to attend in Marion, NC.  Twelve hours in the car later, we are in NC and I learn that the typical 49er does still exist and is not a figment of the past.  These gents come complete with a million interesting stories, full ZZ Top type beards and usually some knee high rubber boots.  Not a single one I met was anything but wonderful kind and more than willing to shre his knowledge and techniques with you, or let you see the things they had found over the years.

Their faces light up like children when taking about their mining adventures, friends made and lost, or any other mining topic you show a true interest in.  They are true gems and just a wealth of information for anyone, interested in gold propecting or not.

I had a great time learning, meeting a bunch of new people, and watching my daughters enjoy learning to pan and trying not to talk with a southern accent on the way home.

Here is a picture of “The Nugget Man” as he is referred to in mining circles.  (Check out the nugget he is holding – the thing weighs 2 pounds… think about that for a second at today’s gold prices)

Just an absolutely fabulous and informative weekend.

Real life trumps writing — unfortunately.

I have been having a hard time with inspiration lately and I can only really blame the real world for infringing on my writing one.  Here in NY we are looking at furloughs for state workers, of which I am one, meaning a 20% drop in pay while there is no budget in place.  It is hard to keep your mind on a fantasy world where good wins over evil knowing at any time now word will come down from the great legislative powers that we will be forced to take on unpaid day per week until a new budget is passed.  This from the same legistators that are working a 3 day week – and not a full five like us working saps and going home early because “why stay when there is no progress?”  The same group that voted themselves raises.  Now because they cant agree on what to cut where, the rest of the masses suffer and wait for them to wake up.

My thought?  Since you can’t do your job when you do manage to show up, how bout you take a furlough day and leave the unwashed masses alone?

Ok – so that is my rant for today and my excuse for the lack of recent blog updates.

Happy Spring!!

Talk About Inspiration…

I just finished Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451.  What a great read.  The man has an amazing ability to apply poetry to fiction, and weave a story with incredible detail.  Just loved it, and I usually am not the biggest fan of more futuristic fantasy works.

I am so inspired to work at the craft of writing right now.  If I could craft a story-spell with even one tenth of the skill of that man, I would be one very happy writer.  🙂

First Day of May – Feeling frustrated…

Happy May everyone.  Spring.  The time of new beginnings and rebirth.  For nature, and for me.

Writing is hard.  It takes work and perseverence.  I keep at it and hope that what I write is something that people can get into and enjoy.  I had always thought I was pretty good at that. Putting words to paper to create a story that readers could enjoy and relate to.  I have always had positive feedback for the most part on my natural talent in that regard, and maybe a few critiques on my formatting and some grammar issues.  But overall, I thought I had a pretty good ability to weave a story.

The past week or so, I have been working with an editor that has been kind enough to read my work and give me some invaluable feedback on the things I need to work on.  I am so happy to have someone that is honest about her thoughts and really tells me like it is.

On the flip side, I am completely frustrated.  When I send pieces in, they come back with more red markings then original text, the things I thought I did well, I am apparently inept at.  It is very deflating, and maybe that is the point.  Break her down to build her back up?  Make sure she really belives in herself?  See if she will give up or if she really has the fortitude to go forward?  I am alot more stubborn than I look…

I guess we will find out.  Going to go out today and ejoy the sunshine, then hopefully later, I am going to once again completely redo my first chapter of Machenwood and see if I can find and express my “voice”.  Maybe it won’t get squished this time, it that editing sea of red pen.

Wish me luck!!