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A Salute to Mr Murphy

Murphy’s Law and I have always had a love/hate relationship.  He loves to hang around me, and I hate his constant presence in my life.  Being irish, I had always thought that I was lucky, but it turns out that there is a different irish luck.  That is the kind I have.

I’m that person you see with their car on the side of the road with the hood up one day after their inspection.  Or the one with a flat tire on the day of an important meeting.  Im the girl in line at the grocery that ends up with the half open bag of chips or the case of beer with three broken bottles in it.

I used to lament this fact about my life, but I have come to embrace it over the past few months.  Afterall, it isn’t like this is a new development in my life.  It has been an ongoing theme that I do not see coming to an end anytime soon.  A positive attitude does wonders, and learning to accept who you are and what your life entails is the first step to not letting life derail your best efforts.  I am still kicking. 🙂

So I say here and now, Hooray for Mr Murphy.  I salute you, Sir.  Good game. (And what else ya got?)