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Six Sentence Sunday: Just a Few Wedding Day Jitters #sixsunday

Welcome back to another Six Sentence Sunday.  Since I am still in the process of querying The Call of the Sea, I decided to stick with the tale for another weekly posting. This week we get a peak at Daniel as he prepares to wed Ellie.

Daniel stood beside the vicar with Nelson and tried to keep his breathing slow and even. He watched the door to the captain’s quarters so intently his eyes watered. His weight shifted left to right as he adjusted his cravat for the third time in the past minute. What if she changes her mind?

“Would you relax,” Nelson whispered, poking Daniel in the rib with an bony elbow. “Your fidgeting is making me nervous.”

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Six Sentence Sunday: The Call of the Sea (querying) #sixsunday


For my first Six Sentence Sunday of the new year, I thought I would forget the whole “in with the new” thing and go with the tried and true — meaning this week’s six sentences also comes from my recently completed novel, The Call of the Sea.

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Ellie let loose a strangled cry. Her eyes caught on his pistol, still unfired in his [Nelson’s] quivering hand. A fireball of rage burst to life in her stomach. Blind to everything but the weapon a few inches away, Ellie lunged. Tears slid down her cheeks as she whipped the gun up, aimed at Jashir’s heart, and pulled the trigger.

Jashir’s eyes widened in surprise.

Good ole Ellie, always in some sort of trouble.   🙂

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Six Sentence Sunday: The Pirate and the Selkie #sixsunday

I’ve managed to get myself back on the wagon with the Six Sentence Sunday postings after a few weeks off due to my preparations and participation in Miss Snark’s Agent Auction. In keeping with the theme I had previously established of posting snipits from my first novel length story, The Pirate and the Selkie.

I hope you enjoy it 🙂

“See?” Daniel watched her [Ellie’s] stiff form through a fringe of lashes. Is she jealous? Heat fluttered through his belly.

Nelson waved a dismissive hand. “You get used to her after a time.”

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Six Sentence Sunday: The Pirate and the Selkie (WT) #sixsunday

Welcome to another Six Sentence Sunday. In sticking with my ongoing #sixsunday theme of posting from my current WIP, here is this week’s six.

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Ellie held tight to her anger. “I await your clarification with bated breath.”

He blew out a huff. “Your sarcasm is showing.”

She kicked at the hem of her skirt, pasted to her legs by the wind. “Better than these blasted petticoats, I guess.”


Six Sentence Sunday: The Pirate and the Selkie (WT) #sixsunday

As many of you know, the annual Nanowrimo madness is in full swing. Around this time, my blogging efforts always suffer, but I tell myself it will all be worth it in the end. My concentration for Nano is not a new novel, like most, but rather to add 50k words to my fantasy romance WIP.

In tribute to the madness, my Sunday Six this week comes from directly from the pages of my 4,000 new words, courtesy of Nanowrimo. (There have been absolutely no edits done before posting this six — Be gentle :P)


*   *   *   *

Daniel lurched forward, grabbing Mama before she crashed to the floorboards, and swept her into his arms. He quirked a brow at Ellie. “That went well, don’t you think?”

Ellie tossed him a glare. “I couldn’t see her from outside, I thought she passed out.”

“She did.”


Six Sentence Sunday: The Pirate and the Selkie (WT) #sixsunday

Since we are coming up hard on the heels of the annual Nanowrimo madness, I thought I would concentrate my Sunday Six on my current WIP, which I hope to finish up during this year’s event. The Pirate and the Selkie is a fantasy romance with historical elements. I am just in love with these characters.


He [Daniel] held up his hands. “Before you blow that simmering temper of yours, hear me out.”

Ellie settled back down on the edge of the desk, arms folded. “Oh, don’t you worry your pretty head about that. I’ll be happy to listen to you tell me why you think you have a right to decide what I do or where I sleep. You have my complete attention.”

Six Sentence Sunday: Lizzie (another from my dusty notebook) #sixsunday

This week I dipped back into the old notebook and pulled out six sentences from a story I had started about a nanny who is forced to figure out what to do with her young change afer her parents are killed in a car wreck.

Always love to hear what you think.  Enjoy 🙂

Lizzie came downstairs, a barely restrained whirlwind of lace and bows, begging Nancy to help tie the laces on her new shoes. ‘I know how,’ her little voice vowed. She’d only recently been taught, but in her impish excitement to be off on their adventure had forgotten.

With a shake of her head and a teasing ‘tsk tsk’, Nancy fastened the laces with a secure double knot and stood, looking down at Lizzie’s flushed face. “Shall we be off young lady? Or maybe you’d rather stay inside today?”

Six Sentence Sunday: Penance (from the dusty pages of an old notebook) #sixsunday

 My Sunday Six is from a short story I wrote quite a while ago, named Penance.

     I wonder why we tell young girls such outlandish stories about chivalry and brave knights. The imagination takes them and creates unrealistic dreams of men coming to rescue them from the mundane life of “normal” people. They are so young and impressionable, they can’t help but be sucked in by the lies. We tell them about things like the honor of men. Now, that is a laugh; not to mention an oxymoron. Men and honor should not be allowed in the same sentence, let alone the premise of a story meant only to blind us from the truth.

Six Sentence Sunday: The Pirate and the Selkie (WIP)

I have been working on this one this week, so thought I would post my Sunday Six from the current chapter in progress.

Happy Sunday!

Daniel cringed at her pet name. Skip was short for Skipper–everything Ellie did or said had something to do with sailing–but Daniel still didn’t care for it. Whenever she used it, he had to remind himself why he couldn’t just change form and tell her his real name. The look on her round face when she’d seen him sitting at the breakfast table with her father told him everything he needed to know. She hated Daniel.

Not one to give in so easily, he propelled himself forward until he stood between her and the waves.

Six Sentence Sunday: The Pirate and the Selkie (WIP)

Here is this week’s six for Six Sentence Sunday.  Comments always welcome. 🙂


Ellie glanced over her shoulder, made a quick distance calculation. Her gaze swung up the rigging. She yanked on the steerage, eyes glued to the sails. Right on cue, the sheets of white canvas caught wind and snapped to attention. The ship sliced through the waves in a tight arc until The Surf Runner faced The Siren’s Call.

She steeled herself for another pass.