Indie Bookstore To Stock Copies of Call of the Sea #indie #books

Call of the Sea News:

I’m so excited to announce that Battenkill Books, located in my small town of Cambridge, NY will be stocking copies of Call of the Sea on their shelves.

I also have plans to stop in (hopefully very soon) to speak with the proprietor, Connie Brooks and discuss some author events, and maybe a book signing for all you local fans (most of which I am probably related to) out there.

As an author for a small, indie publisher, having my story embraced by my local booksellers has been really great. It brings a smile to my face to see the support for local artists and authors, and in turn makes me want to promote my local businesses even more.

Shop local, buy local and above all, ladies and gentlemen — READ LOCAL 🙂

*uses her best Bartles and James voice*

Thank you for your support.



About Rebecca Hart

Im a single parent of three and a published author of romance in all sorts of sub-genres. A full time IT geek, Managing Editor of Roane Publishing, cover artist and a reformed gaming addict -- I live to write fantasy peppered with a dash of romantic nonsense :P Addicted to all things pirates, penguins, Johnny Depp and rum. Follow me on Twitter: @Rebelhart69

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  1. Wow, that’s fantastic news, Rebecca. How exciting to see your books on the shelves of your local book store.

  2. I hope the books are autographed. I read somewhere it helps with sales. 🙂

  3. Congrats, Rebecca! 🙂

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