U is for Urges: The Tasty Vittles of Life #atozchallenge #blogging #CalloftheSea

Urges — we all have them. Sometimes we follow them, others we do our best to ignore them. As humans, we are almost slaves to our baser urges. Well, some more than others, I guess.

I wanted to take today to tantalize you with a short excerpt from my soon to be released debut novel, Call of the Sea, set for release June 21, 2012.

I think this snipit aptly defines some of the most basic human urges — Desire and Passion.

A knock sounded at the shed door, jerking his head upright.

Who the hell would be out in this weather?

Daniel pushed back from the table and got to his feet. Curiosity piqued, he swung open the door.

Light spilled out the entryway to reveal Ellie, clad in a dripping wet nightgown, shivering, arms wrapped tightly around herself. Strands of wet hair hung in her wide blue eyes. Her teeth chattered.

His breath hitched. “What are you doing, El?”

“I’m not entirely sure, frankly.” She glanced down at her bare toes, wiggled them before swinging her gaze back up to him. “Can I come in?”

Daniel held the door open for her. “Of course.”

Ellie sucked her lower lip between her teeth, glanced back at the cottage. “Thanks.” She stepped into the shed.

“Is everything all right?” Concern laced his tone. He shut the door and twisted to face her.

She stood in the center of the tiny space, cheeks stained pink, and a growing pool of water at her feet. Her hands fretted with each other at her waist. The thin wet nightgown clung to her curves, leaving nothing of her shape to his imagination, as if he needed the help.

Daniel groaned and snatched a blanket from the bedpost, shoving it toward her. “Here, put this around your shoulders before you catch your death.” And drive me insane.

His fingers itched to touch, explore the bounty laid out before him. He swallowed hard.

Ellie wrapped the blanket around her shoulders and snuggled into it.

Daniel lunged for a chair, pulling it away from the rickety table. He brushed a hand over the seat to free it of any accumulated grime and offered it to Ellie. “Please, sit.”

She sank into the chair. Her doe-eyed gaze swept the modest space. “I’ve not been in here since Papa let you take it over. This is nice. Cozy.”

Daniel shoved his hands in his pockets. What is she doing here? “Thanks.” He noticed the cooled mug sitting on the table. He cringed at his lack of social graces. “Can I get you something to drink?”

“No, no.” Ellie floated up from the seat. She closed the space between them. The look in her eyes, swirling pools of sapphire, hypnotized him. “I’m not thirsty.”

Under her spell, Daniel gaped as the blanket fell away. Her calloused fingertip traced his lower lip and her eyes filled with wonder.

Daniel’s hands surrounded her waist before he realized he’d moved. Her scent, a heady mix of lilac and peppermint spice, wafted up to him. His desire surged. “Ellie?”

The question hung in the air between them for endless seconds. In silent reply, she lifted on her toes and pressed her soft warm mouth against his.

One of my favorite things about Ellie, is how quick she is to give in to some of her urges.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to share your thoughts.

About Rebecca Hart

Im a single parent of three and a published author of romance in all sorts of sub-genres. A full time IT geek, Managing Editor of Roane Publishing, cover artist and a reformed gaming addict -- I live to write fantasy peppered with a dash of romantic nonsense :P Addicted to all things pirates, penguins, Johnny Depp and rum. Follow me on Twitter: @Rebelhart69

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  1. Tantalize it does! Congratulations on having a novel about to be launched, and from that teaser it should go places.

  2. I’m visiting from the AtoZ Challenge.
    I feel the tension from way over here and now I’m curious about Ellie and Daniel.


  3. The details of the writing sample were just right. Not too much, but just enough. Thanks for sharing and congrats on your book.

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