P is for Pirate — Hey, Ellie is a pirate… (nice segway, Bec) #atozchallenge #blogging #CotS

I have waited 2/3 of an alphabet for today’s post. Yes, most of you are completely and utterly aware of my fascination for pirates, beginning back in High School when I became addicted to “Bodice Ripper” romance novels. I devoured the suckers, sometimes one each day (and they aren’t short, people).

Now my debut novel, CALL OF THE SEA features a lead character who is a pirate.

Enter, Miss Elysandra Winters. *confetti and fanfare*

My book cover gives us a glimpse of Ellie Winters, and while I agree the hair color and basics are right (and don’t get me wrong – I LOVE my cover), she doesn’t quite match up to what I envisioned Ellie looking like.

(Yes, I do know that’s Emma Stone)

How I wish I could remember the title of the very first romance novel I read featuring pirates. I may not remember which one was my actual cherry popper, I do remember many of the ones I read.

So, today I invite you to muck down into the depths of my obsession and troll the through the swashbuckling tales that helped shape my love of everything pirate.

The Pirate and the Pagan
Virginia Henley

Wild as a pagan goddess, Lady Summer galloped her stallion along the Cornish coast.  She had dabbled in the smuggler’s game to save her family estate, but a wealthy marriage would better serve her purpose now.  Lord Ruark Helford seemed the answer to her reckless prayers.  But as his hot, hungry kisses drew her toward deception and irresistible acts of love, she had to hesitate.  Would this arrogant, handsome lord be her ticket to heaven–or hell?

On Goodreads

Pirate Royale
Cordia Byers

Royale Carrington refused to be the ward of King Charles and be married as he saw fit. So she took to the high seas as captain of her own pirate ship — vowing to avenge her father’s death at the hands of Spanish conquistadores.

But everything changed the night Royale was kidnapped and brought to El Diablo, the mysterious pirate feared by men and adored by women. For El Diablo awakened all of her desires, and in one night of reckless lovemaking, Royale fell hopelessly in love…

On Goodreads

A Pirate’s Pleasure
Heather Graham

She was his defiant captive.

With her flame gold-hair and azure eyes, Skye Kinsdale was a prize beyond compare. Betrothed to a lord she’d never met, she set sail for America sworn to reject him on sight until the infamous pirate Silver Hawk seized her ship and banished all other men from her life. Burning with rage and passion, she was determined to destroy the arrogant buccaneer, to be free at any cost…

He Was Her Keeper…And Her Slave

The black prince of the seas, he was feared by pirate and privateer alike. Silver Hawk vowed he would have the vixen, make her crave his savage embrace. She was his—by law of the sea. The man who commanded a Caribbean kingdom swore he would teach his wild temptress to love, to surrender to the lawless thrill of…A Pirates Pleasure.

On Goodreads

There are just a few of the first few. Believe me, it went on from there — and teh Pirates of the Caribbean movies certainly didn’t help alleviate the obsession.

What is your obsession when it comes to books?  What theme can you just not get enough of?


About Rebecca Hart

Im a single parent of three and a published author of romance in all sorts of sub-genres. A full time IT geek, Managing Editor of Roane Publishing, cover artist and a reformed gaming addict -- I live to write fantasy peppered with a dash of romantic nonsense :P Addicted to all things pirates, penguins, Johnny Depp and rum. Follow me on Twitter: @Rebelhart69

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  1. Oh good grief! I much prefer YOUR pirate book to those! 🙂 And Emma Stone would make a GREAT Ellie. Now, who would be a good Daniel …. ? Somebody kinda scruffy but wholesome.

    • hehe — thanks 🙂 Truth is truth — this is the writing I devoured in my impressionable years… I have no idea the effects that has had on my own writing styles. I do know I have to be wary of purple prose… it sneaks in when you aren’t being vigilant.

  2. Of the three – Pirate Royale was my favorite — In that one, she is a pirate as well… A little more Ellie-like.

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