Six Sentence Sunday: The Call of the Sea #sixsunday

In honor of my recent contract signing with Inkspell Publishing, this week’s six sentence sample comes from my debut novel, a Paranormal Romance titled, The Call of the Sea. (Man, I just love saying that.)

Your comments are always welcome.

Surely, Jashir would come for her soon. She [Ellie] wrung her hands and stared a hole in the closed portal.

A deafening explosion rocked the hull, throwing Ellie backwards and scattering her thoughts to the wind. She landed on her rump with a thud. Pain shot through her ankle where the chain anchored her.

What the devil was that?

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Happy Sunday!

About Rebecca Hart

Im a single parent of three and a published author of romance in all sorts of sub-genres. A full time IT geek, Managing Editor of Roane Publishing, cover artist and a reformed gaming addict -- I live to write fantasy peppered with a dash of romantic nonsense :P Addicted to all things pirates, penguins, Johnny Depp and rum. Follow me on Twitter: @Rebelhart69

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  1. Great action, well done.

  2. Congrats! Looks we’ll both be debuting in June with Inkspell! Welcome to the team! Now, why is she chained up?

  3. Nice intensity! And congrats on the book!
    Amy Durham

  4. Uh-oh, being chained to a ship and feeling a large explosion can’t be good.

  5. Congrats on your contract! Very exciting!

  6. I am sooo happy for you, congrats! 😀 Ooo! How dangerous, an explosion on a pirate ship – sounds like treachery and battles will abound. Can’t wait until this debuts! 🙂

  7. Like the action and description… “scattering her thoughts to the wind…” and “landing on her rump with a thud.” Cool six, Rebecca! Congrats on the book deal… Awesome!

  8. very intense . Great 6. Congrats on the release.

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